“I have not failed. I've just discovered 10,000 ways that didn't work.” - Thomas Edison


My approach to Career Counseling relies on one's personal history, on each profile and personality. Only with these bases and with a structured procedure is it possible to “draw” a professional profile. The objective is to reach the intrinsic motivations—not always very conscious or explicit as one’s tastes. There will be some tests but the procedure will not be based on a series of tests.

A career counseling also allows the development of internal tools, boosting the capacity to adapt to the continuous requirements of a volatile labor market. Therefore, this counseling is aimed to different professional stages, different age periods, from 18 until the end of one’s life, since one’s career is in continuous development.

Some examples of situations where Career Counseling makes all the sense when one is already in the labor market:

- choosing the specialization area (Masters, PhD, postgraduate studies);
- starting a new area of work as a second income source;
- desire to start a new professional hobby;
- optimizing one’s skills in order to feel more accomplished and successful;
- changing employment (voluntarily or as a consequence of unemployment);
- desire to know your own vocation.

Career Counseling