How many sessions do I need to solve my problems?

It depends. The number of sessions changes according to problematic you want to see solved. It depends on the content of your issues, if you need to briefly analyze them, or if a deeper analyses is needed. This matter will be dealt with during the sessions and according to the work in progress.

Concerning the career counseling, the average number of sessions is seven.

How long does each session take?

The first session takes 1h15m and the follow-up sessions take 50 minutes each.

The first session of career counseling takes also 1h15m, but the remaining take between 50 minutes and 1h15m, according to the work to be developed.

How much does each session cost?

You will be informed of the cost of the sessions after a first contact, according to the area chosen and the periodicity.

I have family and friends, why do I have to talk to a psychologist?

A psychologist received an academic training for five years in order to apprehend your words behind the surface and, like a medical doctor, see external symptoms and understands the root causes and the right therapy. A psychologist looks at you and those surrounding you in a neutral way. The psychologist is tied to confidentiality duty.

Being an adult, shouldn’t I be able to solve my problems by myself?

No. All of us, at some point of our lives, might need a psychologist. The same way there are certain parts of our body we can only see with the help of a mirror, within our consciousness we also have some “blind spots”, that is only possible to see with the help of someone else with the proper knowledge. Also, we have preconceived ideas about ourselves, and inefficient thought processes, that leave us going in circles, while trying to solve our problems alone. We choose the experts according to specific problems: cardiologist for the heart, dentist for the teeth, ophthalmologist for the eyes, etc. For matters dealing with our lives, careers, family and ourselves, we naturally choose a psychologist. It doesn’t mean that we are not able to solve our problems by ourselves rather that we want to solve them the best way possible resorting to every tool available and thus to professional help.

The psychologist will tell me what to do?

No. A psychologist promotes above all autonomy and self-esteem, doesn’t decide anything for you. A psychologist helps you develop the capacity to make your own decisions increasingly healthier. A psychologist has a set of skills together with academic knowledge to help you think, and the ability to keep on showing you the unconscious motivations behind your thinking and acting, enabling you to change some of these thoughts and behaviors in order to reach more satisfying results.