Online sessions are increasingly becoming an advantageous resource. Geography is no more an obstacle to choosing a psychologist and traffic is no longer the stress “entrée” before the session. This makes schedules much easier to manage. Havendo sempre a opção de ter sessões presenciais no início do acompanhamento e esporadicamente, sempre que faça sentido. There is always the option to have face-to-face sessions in the beginning of the treatment and occasionally, anytime it makes sense.

The most important thing is to establish a good relationship. When that happens, we no longer notice the screen frame, the subject of the conversation and the trust bond gain a greater dimension than the logistic one.

We adapt to the time zones and maintain the confidentiality. It only takes a weekly hour of your time in privacy in order to be able to talk to me. It does not have to be at your place but you have to feel comfortable to talk. It can be over the computer, a tablet or a smartphone, but a good sound and image quality is needed. A good Internet connection is required and preferably a set of headphones to prevent the feedback.


If you are looking for face-to-face sessions we have that option too. Those sessions are held in the Lisbon office (Avenidas Novas).

Sessions are available in Portuguese and English.